Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Marvel Mask Tutorial

My nephew is a big fan of superheroes, especially the Avengers like many other nearly 6 year olds. It is his Birthday this Saturday and I wanted to make him something superhero related, I had already made him a personalised cushion in Marvel print a few months ago so had to have a really good think. I wanted to make something fun that he could enjoy and I decided to try out an Iron Man Mask.

This is a super fun project and perfect for your little ones during the summer holidays so I decided to make a tutorial so that you can give it a go yourself, this is my first tutorial so please be kind.

You will need:
A Sewing Machine
Red felt (or whatever colour depending on your choice of Avenger)
Gold Felt
Red Fleece (optional)
Marvel Fabric (optional)
Elastic around 14" long
Needle and gold thread
Paper, Pen Ruler and Pencil (for template)

First of all you need to make your mask template, I took my eye mask template that I use and adjusted that to suit a child, I changed the shape slightly and added the eye holes.

Once you have adjusted your template (I will try to add a template to this tutorial in the next week or so) you need to make sure to add markings where your elastic is going to go and leave an opening at the top to pull your fabric through once sewn. Cut out your template including the eye holes.

Pin your template to your red felt and draw around it with a pencil or air erasable fabric pen. Do the same with the gold felt.

Once you have the template outline on the gold felt you need to adjust the shape to match the Iron man mask. I did this with a pencil and ruler but you could do it by eye if you prefer.

Cut out the gold felt outline but not the eyes. Match up and pin on top of your red felt.

Using gold or similar thread hand stitch the outline of the gold onto the red felt including the eye holes. I did this by matching up the eye lines on the back of the red felt but you could use chalk or an air erasable pen to draw the eye holes onto the front of the gold felt and stitch over the top with the gold thread.

Measure around 14" of elastic. I opted for a slight padding inside the mask and so used red fleece, this is optional. If you are going to do this. Lay your fleece down with your fabric of felt on top right way up (you can use felt for the back of the mask rather than fabric if preferred. Put the front of the mask right way facing down and sandwich the elastic between the felt and fabric layers and pin in place.

Sew your layers together making sure to sew over the elastic ends once or twice to make sure it is secure. Remember to leave and opening at the top to push your fabric through.

Once sewn cut off the excess fabric and felt leaving a small amount around the opening to be tucked in and sewn later. Push the fabric out through the opening until all the fabric is out and the fabric the right way around. Use a blunt tool for edges such as a chop stick.

Once the right way around tuck in the excess fabric at the top and sew the opening closed. Now you need to sew around the eye holes making sure to sew a little smaller than the gold stitching as you want to keep this detail. You can now cut out the eye holes. Depending on the amount of layers you have this may take a while. I cut my layer by layer to make the overall look a lot neater. I opted to add a small band of red felt on my fabric side of the mask to ensure that the eye holes didn't fray this is optional. Once you have cut the eyes out and tided up the edges of the eyes with the scissors mask is finished. 

Front side of the mask is Iron Man

Back Side of the Mask is a Marvel print which makes the mask completely reversible for lots more fun.

I hope you like the finished design and my tutorial. I would love your feedback. If you make your own mask using this tutorial I would love to see some pictures, please feel free to share them and share this tutorial. 

I will be making more masks for all the Avengers and masks will be available to purchase via my Facebook page so please pop over to Blossom's and drop me a message if you would like to order one, or alternatively send me an email to with your order request.

Please note this tutorial has been made for you to make and use for PERSONAL USE ONLY, please do not sell my designs.

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